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This is a retro style, simple arcade racing games. Possible 8 bit, 16 bit style.  If you know such games as Taito Chase H.Q. or Highway Star/Rad Racer, Outrun, Knight Rider, then you already got the idea.

Also, some inspiration comes from MadMax movie. It is about muscle car, some action hero and the road. So 80s movies are here.  Also, in someway it is about need for speed 1, but from a policeman.  

So, you a a policeman. And your duty is to control city streets. You have a car. And it is a call for you. To start the chase for outrunners and bandits on the roads. The game is about time racing also. So move through checkpoints.

About Demo:

This is a short demo. Version is 0.1.

And here you can race and shoot. 

So, you can simply pass several checkpoints and complete this demo!

And feel yourself as a happy policeman.

Also, game has some text intro. With some 80s action hero story.

Short story, of course, because it is action. There is no need in many words.

Just engine and speed.


In game:

Shoot - press A button

Key UP/DOWN - speed up/down

Key LEFT/RIGHT - move left/right

In menu:

Key arrows to navigate 

SPACE for confirm

About videogame in two words:

Arcade as taito chase hq,rad racer. Simple racing game. Need for speed for a policeman. Dev for #rndgamejam2021

Is in development.  More info by process.

Install instructions

Game is written in C++ and SDL2.0. for 32 bit (X86 machines)

You need to have installed Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019    (X86 version required) : 



UndercoverBreak (version 0.1).rar 1 MB

Development log


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Can't wait to try it :)